Service / Activities

Our Shooting Equipment comprised of Air Pistol, Rifles 0.22 Calibre Handgun, & Rifles and 9mm Pistol. Such Shooting equipment is sufficient to the demand of  member up to International Competition.

10 Metre Air Pistol 

10 Metre Air Pistol is an Olympic shooting event  governed by the International Shooting  Sport  Federation (ISSF).

It is similar to 10 meters  air rifle in that it is shot with 4.5 mm (or .177)  caliber air guns at a distance of 10 meters (11 yards), and the programme consists of 60 shots Within 105 minutes for men, and 40 shots within 75 minutes for women. 

It is also similar to 50 meter pistol despite the  shorter distance and the use of air guns, and most top-level male shooters compete in both events.

Beginner Shooter

Beginner shooter able to practise and train 0.22 Calibre Pistol & Sporting Rifle pending for their Carry and use License  C&U+. As for Pistol, it is mainly cater for those Member who have experience and competent in Handling such shooting Equipment.  All member are Require to obtain Firearm Carry & Use license. 

Indoor Shooting Range

The indoor shooting range and shooting equipment enable us to train and develop professional  Shooter to  represent the Association to participate all range of Shooting Competition ( IPSC & IPDA ).

We offer a wide variety of training classes for everyone, from beginners to experienced shooters. We also strike to disc0ver and train new talent in Air Pistol and Air Riles. So as to participate all level Sport Competition including International Shooting Sport  Federation (ISSF) & Olympic game.


Conduct Training

We also conduct In-range Firearms  Safety Briefing  Classes and Training , both Local and International level oversea. This  Course is designed for beginners to firearms. For experienced Shooters, you may be interested in taking up the below:-

  • Shooting Competitions ( ISSF & IPSC & IPDA ).
  • About handgun defense and how to use them efficiently in the context of self defense scenarios.
  • Fundamental of Handgun Operator.
  • Accredited for Handgun license ( A or B ) application. 

Shooting Competition

To Organizing all Rage of Indoor Shooting Competition up to International Level.